Franciacorta Rosé DOCG – Bersi Serlini


Chardonnay and Pinot Noir grapes represents a noteworthy expression of Franciacorta Bersi Serlini in pink style. Its singularity lies in the unique balance of its blend of chardonnay, Bersi Serlini’s emblematic grape variety and pinot noir vinified to create a wonderful balance. Intense and elegant, with exceptional acidity and body. Fresh and aromatic on the nose with notes of red currant, strawberries and flowers with slight hints of citrus. Yeasty notes from the long ageing and fine bubbles on the palate for an elegant finish.

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Red fruit
Citrus fruit





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Wild game meat
Cured meats
Raw fish



Grape Variety

Chardonnay, Pinot Noir


Bersi Serlini




After 700 years of Cluny Monks, the property became private and in 1886 it was acquired by the Bersi Serlini Family. The estate was expanded in the second half of ‘900 from the grandpa, the Lawyer Piero Bersi Serlini and then restored under the visionary guide of the son Arturo. Arturo was the person who produced in 1970 the very first bottle of Brut in FranciacortaToday Franciacorta still is property of Bersi Serlini Family. Arturo is the President of the Maison and with the daughters Chiara and Maddalena Bersi Serlini, follows with passion the production of these iconic Italian sparkling wines.


If there’s a wine gem that’s just waiting to be widely discovered, it’s Franciacorta. A world-class metodo classico, sparkler, it boasts pedigree and style, yet remains largely unknown outside of Italy.
A combination of avant-garde winemakers, a growing focus on organic viticulture, the reduction (or elimination) of dosage and promising experiments have yielded stunning, terroir-driven sparklers that should be on every wine lover’s radar.
It is gaining plaudits among critics and is often described as Italy’s answer to Champagne, Franciacorta was granted DOCG status in 1995, covering just over 2,000 hectares of vines in the district of Brescia in Lombardy, located in central northern Italy.
Grape varieties that can be used to make the Italian sparkling wine are two of the classic Champagne varieties of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, plus also Pinot Blanc.
Franciacorta is produced using the ‘traditional method’ – the same as for Champagne – with a secondary fermentation taking place in the bottle. Contrastingly, most Prosecco is made using the ‘tank method’, where secondary fermentation takes place in stainless steel tanks before bottling.
The region has deep roots in the wine-making tradition, with 115 wineries and wine production dating back to the Middle Ages.

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