Bombino Bianco Il Quadrello 2020 – Cantina La Marchesa


A wine that expresses all the characteristics and aromas of his land. Fresh and intense mineral aromas with hints of apricot, tropical fruits and orange blossom. Great acidity on the palate with fresh zesty flavours. A pleasure to drink.

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Lemon green
Stone fruit
Citrus fruit
Tropical fruit




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Bombino Bianco


Cantina La Marchesa



Cantina La Marchesa was established 10 years ago by Marika and Sergio, whose passion for the land and winemaking led them to make their dream come true. Based in the town of Lucera, in the northern part of Puglia, their 14hectares of vineyards are just 300 mt from the cellar making harvesting as efficient as possible, in terms of time-cutting procedures and keeping the grape’s aromas intact, ensuring the quality of the final product. By fully respecting traditions and working just with Puglia native varieties such as Nero di Troia and Bombino Bianco, all processes are strictly carried out by hand by experienced high skilled workers. In Spring time, excessive leaves are removed in order to allow the warm Puglian sun to ripen the grapes, which later are pruned to let only the best clusters become wine. They strongly believe that a good wine can only be made if there’s passion and hard work in the vineyards. From growing the grapes to wine making, bottling and selling the final product, Cantina La Marchesa takes care of the whole production process.

Bombino Bianco

Bombino Bianco is a key white wine grape grown in southeastern Italy. It’s used to make all manner of bulk-produced wine and is rarely the star performer in any wine.
Valued more for its generous yields than its aromatic qualities, it has earned itself the nickname Pagadebit (“the debt payer”).
There has been a lot of confusion surrounding the Bombino Bianco grape as it has recently been discovered it is known in different parts of Italy with different names,(has often been described as identical to the Trebbiano d’Abruzzo grape), yet the wines produced are becoming incredibly interesting vintage after vintage.

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