African Selection, Artisan Coffee Moka-Filter 250gr- D’Onofrio Caffè


The oldest single origins coffee grew spontaneously in the African continent; later, thanks to explorers, the seeds spread around the world. This blend includes the best plantations of the African equatorial belt, from the large Cameroonian Robusta to the best Kenyan Arabica. The taste is marked by notes of chocolate and the colour is dark brown. It’s a recommended coffee for those who like to dink it to keep always active.

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Different from other continents, in Asia coffee, develops a very particular taste due to the monsoon rains that last for months, and the volcanic soils rich in micro and macro elements in a heterogeneous way; hence why the plant receives all the needed nutrients present in the soil. From the small Pacific islands to the mountains of India, this blend is characterised by a rich and slightly acid aroma whit delicate notes of cocoa and tobacco.