African Selection, Artisan Coffee Beans 250gr – D’Onofrio Caffé


The oldest single origins coffee grew spontaneously in the African continent; later, thanks to explorers, the seeds spread around the world. This blend includes the best plantations of the African equatorial belt, from the large Cameroonian Robusta to the best Kenyan Arabica. The taste is marked by notes of chocolate and the colour is dark brown. It’s a recommended coffee for those who like to dink it to keep always active.

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D'onofrio Caffe'

In 1960, Antonio D’Onofrio, opened a small bar in the main square of the small town of Pisticci in Basilicata, South Italy.

In the 80s Antonio’s son, Rocco, took over the business and began focusing more on pastry becoming well known by creating his “Bianca” cake, a particular dessert made of ricotta and royal pasta, registered in the patent office, and still today people travel tens of kilometers to taste this wonderful dessert. In the mid-1980s he also opened a wood-fired roasted coffee workshop behind the bar-pastry shop, where he specifically created a blend of coffee for his bar.

Today,  50 year later, Antonio, Rocco’s son, joined the coffee company, with the idea to give unique quality products and above all to have a short supply chain managed entirely by the family. The great peculiarity is the type of roasting, the most ancient and refined, with oak wood. They have always tried to be innovative and, have in fact have created very particular and unique blends, distinguished from each other by the continental origin. This has led coffee connoisseurs to enjoy our product in the most particular niche places and all over the world.